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You are exploring all the options for getting a new campervan – and enjoying finding out more about them.

We get it - we all share your passion to do something different.

I always dreamed of owning a camper - I remember looking longingly of pictures of campervans for sale in magazines and online. Buying a camper seemed a distant hope back then. I could see that a campervan would bring freedom and loads of opportunity for family times shared together.

Looking back, I wish we hadn't waited so long.

Getting a camper is easy and affordable, especially as we offer trade-ins and finance packages. It's one of the best investments you can make, as campervans do not depreciate much over the years.

Several of us here are campervan owners, and we really 'get' what you're wanting. So we'd all love to share our enthusiasm for the world of campervan touring with you.

Your adventure starts here!

Take a look at our Essential Campervan Buyer's Guide which tells you all you need to know about campervan ownership, and also read The Birth of a Campervan - which is all about converting campervans and building campers, with pictures.

We aren't just a glossy showroom - come and see how we convert vans into campervans right here, in our workshop in the Sussex countryside. We're open six days a week.

We can talk through your needs and wants, and take you on a test drive.

People often ask me: "Can we sell our car and drive the campervan every day, as well as on holiday?" Or “I need a vehicle that I can park anywhere, that's easy to drive and still provides all the facilities I need on holiday – can it be done?”

The answer is YES, absolutely! Come and find out for yourself.

Daniel Lopez, MD of Sussex Campervans

here's just some of our premier bespoke campervans

VW Caledonia SX
NV200 CamperCar SX
Paradise SX
Manhattan SX
Venturer SE
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I really have, in the autumn of life, found something that ticks so many boxes. Thanks to Sussex Campervans I'm living my dream now, so thank you for your guidance.