It's exciting, isn't it?

You're exploring all of the options for getting a new campervan, and enjoying the process too.


We get it - we think so too and we all share your passion to do something different.

I always dreamed of owning a camper - I remember looking longingly of pictures of campervans for sale in magazines and online. Buying a camper seemed a distant hope back then. I could see that a campervan would bring freedom and loads of opportunity for family times shared together.


Looking back, I wish we hadn't waited so long!

Getting a camper is easy and affordable, especially with our finance partners, and our trade-in anything with wheels option. Running a campervan is manageable, and driving a camper is just like driving a premium car.

Several of us here are campervan owners and camper drivers too. Our workshop team leaders all drive vans themselves, and we 'get' what you're wanting. Really. And we'd all love to share our enthusiasm for the world of campervan touring with you.


I would love to help you get into your own campervan too.

First, check out my Essential Campervan Buyer's Guide 2016, and also read The Birth of a Campervan - which is all about converting campervans and building campers, with pictures. Then give us a call to discuss how to buy a campervan.


You must come down and visit us, in the Sussex countryside.

We aren't just a glossy showroom - come and take a guided workshop tour - we're open six days a week - and see for yourself how a campervan is built.

We can talk through your needs and wants, and take you on a test drive too. Is a camper hard to drive? Can I drive a campervan?


Answer that question once and for all.

Premier Bespoke Campervan Builders

Above are just a few YouTube videos showing the work Sussex Campervans, the Camper van and motorhome converter of choice for Sussex, Surrey and Kent.