Taking your Motorcaravan to Europe

If you’re considering taking your motorhome across the channel and into Europe then the first thing I would recommend is to definitely do it. There are countless places to visit, from the sun and fun of the south of France, to the culture and history of Rome, there really is something for everyone.

If you have friends and family that take a motorhome to Europe then ask them to tell you their favourite places, look around the internet for places that take your interest or simply visit a place that you’ve always wanted to see. That’s the great thing about taking a motorhome on holiday: you can go from place to place with ease and you are never stuck somewhere you don’t want to be.

If you can, try to avoid visiting Europe in July and August as this is when most people with a motorhome will travel and a lot of places will be booked. This means that your freedom to get up and travel elsewhere may be restricted as you will need to book ahead.

Do your research before you leave home, to seek out places that are motorhome friendly which are close to destinations that you want to visit. Also be aware of any local events, festivals or traditions that may affect your stay. Be prepared with maps and learn a few phrases in the local language that may come in handy. In France in particular, trying to speak the language will go a long way with the locals.

A website that my family and I are fond of is www.france-passion.com. When taking our motorhome to France we use our membership to find free overnight parking spots and sample a true sense of the country – usually with winegrowers, farmers and craftsmen who are all more than happy to show you around and demonstrate their craft.

Ensure that you know the law in each country that you visit. For example, if your motorhome breaks down in France the driver must wear a reflective jacket or will face a fine; in Spain, each person travelling needs a jacket; and in many countries you are also expected to carry a warning triangle.

Finally, remember to check that you have your passport and that it’s in date! You would be surprised to find that it all too easy to hop into your motorhome and go without realising that you are travelling overseas.