VW Caledonia SWB

The campervan of choice for those looking for that original VW Campervan experience, this is the campervan for you. This SWB version is under 5 metres long, shorter than an estate car.

With a side fitted kitchen and two belted rear seats, this is the perfect home from home campervan for a family who wants to holiday in style.

The wardrobe provides you with easy access, either with a roll shutter or double doors, so that whether you're on the move, or lying in bed you can easily access whatever you need.

The large worksurface with double hinged covers over the sink and cooker makes the usual chores such as the cooking and washing up a doddle to do.

All in all there is a real feeling of space in this campervan, and it makes for a great holiday base for you and your family.

The perfect home from home starts from £24,995 for a late used (what we call brand new second hand) van with a good history, from, for instance, 2007, and from £38,995 based on a brand new van.