NV200 CamperCar - The Amazing New Compact and Driveable Camper Car

So, there I was, driving down the M1, and I spotted a nimble-looking van on the other carriageway.   I have to admit, I turned my head to watch as it drove past.   It looked just like a Volkswagen van that had ‘shrunk in the wash’.   I looked into it, and found out that I had just seen my first Nissan NV200 van.   Unlike most smaller vans, it is not based on a car, with bits stuck on, but has been specially designed.   

What really appealed to me was the look of it.   Here was something that was crying out to be turned into a campervan.   I found out that no-one else was building a campervan based on an NV200, and so I bought one for the chaps in the workshop (and me!) to play with.   Building a fully-featured campervan with seating for four and sleeping for two in a compact van like the Nissan took quite a lot of thinking, and all of our combined resourcefulness!   After several different designs were trialled, finally we had something which we felt was just right.  The NV200 CamperCar was born.

The Sussex Campervans NV200 CamperCar PT is a full campervan, cunningly designed into a vehicle less than 14’6” long.   It’s taken all of our wealth of experience and love for the campervanning lifestyle to create something this lovely!   You really can drive this campervan every day - it’s shorter than a Ford Mondeo or Vauxhall Vectra, and very nimble, light and easy to drive.   Finally: true freedom to turn every day into a little holiday and nip off at the drop of a hat.

The Nissan NV200 has won praise for its good looks, excellent performance and fine engineering.   An entirely new design, it is versatile and fun at the same time.   Powered by the renowned Renault 1.5 dCi diesel common-rail engine, economy of mid-50’s MPG is achieveable - in a campervan!   Modern refinements are fitted as standard equipment, such as an excellent stereo with iPod connection, BlueTooth and steering-wheel control, a colour reversing camera for parking, electric windows and central locking.   Visit us for a test drive - you might not want to drive home in your car.

Anyway, if the size of a campervan has hitherto discouraged you from owning one, the CamperCar from Sussex Campervans could just change all that.   Come over and see for yourself - you’re most welcome!

Who would have thought you could obtain such an amazing experience for such an affordable price, starting at £22,995 built on for example a 2010 vehicle, or from £28,995 brand new?