Manhattan Mk II

The ever popular rock and roll bed features prominently in the best selling Manhattan Mk II Campervan. With a side fitted kitchen and two belted rear seats, this is the perfect campervan for a family.

The wardrobe provides you with easy access, either with a roll shutter or double doors, so that whether you're on the move, or lying in bed you can easily access whatever you need.

The large worksurface with double hinged covers over the sink and cooker makes the usual chores such as the cooking and washing up a doddle to do.

All in all there is a real feeling of space in this campervan, and it makes for a great holiday base for you and your family.

You could be driving this perfect family vehicle for as little as £29,995 for a one-year-old van with a new conversion - brand new secondhand - and from £32.995 for a brand new one.

Also, we will take a look at anything with four wheels with a view to part exchange!