Manhattan MPV

The New Manhattan MPV from Sussex Campervans - the ultimate family conveyance

Lots of parents think back wistfully to their youth, when they were courting - before the children, hankering after that sense of freedom, those carefree days of watching the sunset out in the middle of nowhere, driving along the coast without a care in the world, filled with the fire of young love.   

What if you could have that same freedom and fun, and share that with your children?   I wanted to come up with a campervan which would truly be a Multi-Purpose Vehicle for a family, and make this dream come true.   What does a family need?   Plenty of comfortable seating. Separate areas to relax in.   Room round a good-sized table to eat and play games.   Space to sleep in comfort.   All of these things need to be in a vehicle that is as easy to drive as a car, and economical and practical too.   

Well, the Manhattan MPV covers all the bases.   Travel seating for 5 people, fully belted, with three in the front and two in the rear, and easily accommodating child seats and booster cushions.   Space for 5 or 6 round a big oval table, to eat and play.   Sleeping for up to 6 in different configurations, with space to avoid arguments!   All built into a vehicle which Mum or Dad can enjoy driving, and park almost anywhere.

We build the Sussex Campervans Manhattan MPV on the Vauxhall Vivaro van, which is perhaps the quietest and most comfortable medium-size vehicle in its class.   Six-speed gearbox, good visibility, quiet powerful 1.6 BiTurbo CDi diesel engine, power steering - driving is a delight, as king (or queen) of the road with a fantastic view of what’s ahead.   It’s economical too, with mid-40's MPG possible on a run.   I love driving them!

The unique layout of the Manhattan MPV makes even a day out into a mini-holiday, and can turn a boring trip into a chance for fun and freedom.   Come over and try one out for yourself - bring the children for a bounce on our big trampoline, and let them sit in the seats and try out the beds.   Let’s go for a test drive all together, so you can see just how a Manhattan MPV would slot into your family, and enhance your leisure time.

This really is the ultimate family vehicle, and you can have your very own one for as little as £29,995 for a 2014 van, and from £34.995 for a brand new one.

If you've got a vehicle that you want to part exchange to help you get to your new future with the Manhattan MPV, we are more than happy to take a look!