Bespoke Campervans

At Sussex Campervans we can custom build a campervan or motorhome just to suit you - without compromise. Choose the colours, the layout, the finishes - and bring your dogs along too! Why buy a standard model, when you can have your new campervan built specially for you?


Taking your dog or dogs with you in a campervan gives you lots of flexibility and the ability to attend dog shows and outward bound activities with ease. No towing caravans, no hotels or B&B's with issues about pets. Give your dog the same holiday experience you enjoy yourself, and have them with you, securely, comfortably and safely. 


This particular camper was built bespoke for a family with a disabled daughter and designed to fit round her particular needs, and those of her parents. Stealth camping, comfort 12 months of the year, speed, discretion - all played a part in our unique design. This Volkswagen VW Campervan has it all... It's turned out really well. A fantastic 'stealth' camper - which looks like a people carrier from the outside, and can be blacked-out completely for night-time use in built-up areas. Special provision for medical equipment, seating and sleeping for five - it's all in there. What do you think?

Perhaps it inspires you to commission us to build a unique vehicle for you, around your wants and needs. If you can think of it, we can probably do it. Express your taste and end up with something to enjoy for many years to come.