Our Clients

James, Rebecca and young Maddie came to see us to buy a campervan recently, and they wanted a bespoke campervan builder to make it for them to their own specification and design. We sourced the van for them and then converted it for their family holidays.

James spends his professional life presenting things and acting as MC for special events, and he asked if he could make a testimonial video when he picked up his newly-built campervan. Of course, we couldn't refuse....and here it is.

... and here they are collecting their Paradise Twin. We filmed it because you might share some of James' questions.

Graham and Sue came over a week or two back, and fell in love with one of our Manhattan SWB campervans in stock here.   It IS a pretty one, and they just kept coming back to it.

It turns out Graham is a keen amateur astronomer, and he is going to fulfill his dream of camping out under the stars, in comfort and style [and with his own loo and cups of tea!]. He asked us to make the lights red for him, so that they don't dazzle at night.   It looks really funky too...

Here's a quick tour of a lovely Retro-style camper campervan which we sent out recently to its new home. Could something like this suit you???


Visitor Comments

Very good. From our arrival we felt valued and engaged. Also, there was no 'hard-sale'. A range of camper vans were available to view. whether complete on in course of transformation. I liked visiting the workshop; it allowed me to see the quality of workmanship 'in action'
Thank you for an informative visit and great tea!!
Really enjoyed the visit. Looking forward to staying in touch as we plan our next move. We're on the early stages of our journey towards buying a Campervan and have lots of questions as we conduct our research. Really appreciated your time today, your insight and advice.
Much appreciated your personal service

I appreciated the prompt response to my initial enquiry.
We thought you were well-organised, and listened to what we wanted. We liked the quality and style of your conversions
I wouldn't want you to change anything

I would not hesitate to recommend friends visit the website and actual site

Thank you for being so friendly, you are selling a great product in a lovely environment

I came away with the distinct feeling that yours is a company I can trust, which is pretty good for a first impression. I was met as soon as I arrived (without an appointment). You could not have been more helpful, showing me everything I wanted to see and volunteering a lot more

The vans looked interesting as we approached up the drive. It was a nice touch that you came out to greet us

We were greeted with a warm welcome and informative conversation
The Hopkins

Good to see all the vans on display and to be greeted so well. Thanks to everyone, including the workshop guys for such an informative and helpful and enjoyable visit

Liked the fact that you can see the work in progress and discuss options as opposed to a simple retail outlet

As we were leaving we thought of another question and asked Daniel. He too took the time to answer and chat. I can see that customer service is very important to you and we will take this into account when the time to buy arrives. Thank you.

It looked a pretty good set up - obviously not a 'one man band' but not a big impersonal company either.

We were immediately made to feel at ease, and invited to look at current stock. Clearly we were in an environment where people were passionate about their work and committed to the product. The display of stock was perfectly sited and easily accessible both physically and to the eye. All of our questions were answered satisfactorily and with great enthusiasm. You gave the impression that enormous care was taken with each particular project, which would become a work of art upon completion. You went to great lengths to make our visit enjoyable as well as informative, which to us as complete novices to the idea of a camper van was reassuring
Good - a nice location, easy to find. We were made to feel very welcome, and our trip was very informative as we were shown the stock vehicles, the workshops and the possibilities if we ordered a bespoke vehicle. Daniel appeared after an hour and took over the visit and provided further information and knowledge - I just forgot to get his autograph! You dealt with the visit very well - no high pressure sales talk, just a willingness to listen, offer advice and a belief that you could supply a vehicle that would meet our needs.
Simon and Claire

We felt really welcome and felt relaxed the whole time
Great, we were shown examples of the work you do, we were very impressed, we liked the workshop, we were shown fabric and examples of the finishes, we looked at some of the finished vans, it was explained the different vans and layouts, It gave us a lot to think about.

The team were hard at work carefully fitting out 2 bespoke camper vans, good to see work in progress. We had not made an appointment but were greeted enthusiastically and shown the 2 vehicles available., and were very impressed by the lay out of the van using the front seats turned round to form the foot part of the single beds.You have some great ideas, and the workmanship in the vans is of a high quality. Having just sold our high quality Swedish yacht we are really looking for a land version of this. We are used to living in small spaces where every space is utilised, so we were impressed with the way this is done in your vans.
David & Phillippa

Friendly and welcoming,good choice of vehicles on display. Clearly interested in making a sale which makes a pleasant change, some of your competitors appear somewhat indifferent. Excellent, informative, questions answered clearly and van features demonstrated when needed

Friendly, helpful, professional, knowledgable
I didn't feel at all rushed nor pressured &, although I am a fairly experienced motorhomer I found their practical ideas & options very interesting & helpful

I was made to feel very welcome . All my questions answered and a very informative visit ...
Gave us lots of time, it was only after we left my wife pointed out we'd been with you for two hours +

We were greeted immediately on arrival and were taken straight away to look at exactly the vehicle that we wanted more information on. The vans were all set up ready for viewing and the forecourt was smart and tidy. We were listened to completely and all aspects of what we were looking for in a camper were taken into consideration and lots of different options were discussed. You went out of their way to help and answer our questions. It was well worth the long drive and although we are not yet in a position to purchase a camper, we are certainly now on our way to choosing the sort we want. Even just visiting and having a conversation with a team of people who really know about building campers is worth it. Thank you.

Very patient. Let us look at anything and everything and answered all our questions with a smile! All this, even though we said from the start that we were on a tight and not very high budget and won't be buying for a few months.

Very good - had a great conversation about requirements and needs. As I'm still in the very early stages of purchase I found the time and info very useful

Very friendly, all the detail we needed. We quickly felt a sense of trust about the standard of the vehicles and knowledge of the team

Absolutely fine, was able to wander around and view the workshops and conversions at own pace