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Campervans made 'just for you'

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Now most days when people come to visit us and they are looking to buy a campervan, they look for the right number of beds and we can show them all our options from sleeps two to sleeps four or even five in our campervans; they look for space and we explain the pros and cons of long wheel base (LWB) vs short wheel base (SWB) vehicles. Customers look for quality so we provide them with a tour of our workshop so they can see the work taking place first hand and keep in touch with customers throughout their build keeping them up to speed on the progress in their vehilce, and even on occasion we introduce them to past customers who are more than happy to recommend our work. We generally sell five different models of campervan:

More often than not one of these five conversions will suit most people, often with a few personalisations (colour choices for seat fabrics, furniture wood colour, vehicle lining, a choice of whether to have a microwave or not…etc) as people love being able to make their campervan truly ‘theirs’! This is the ‘norm’ and we love catering for people who want to buy a pre designed camper van. Just occasionally we have people who simply don’t fit the mould. And after showing them our five tried and tested conversions they say ‘We want something different!’ Now for most campervan conversion companies that would be the end of that potential customer’s visit. Here at Sussex Campervans this is where we’re different!

How do we make it ‘just for you’?

We recently had some visitors who wanted something totally out of the ordinary. They didn’t want rear belted seats as they were only planning on using the vehicle for two people. They wanted two sofa length seats in the back, a sink, hob, grill, microwave, fridge and plenty of storage to boot and that’s just on top of all the traditional fixtures and fittings on a campervan (electric hookup, PMS, leisure battery, running water…) you name it this van had to have it. So we started with a clean slate and worked with our customer to design and build their campervan.

Once everything was agreed, colours chosen and everyone was happy the build got under-way.

Throughout the build the customer came to check how things were progressing, we made some suggestions and worked with the customer to achieve the best functionality in their campervan with the customer, moving certain pieces of furniture around to make the most of the space available. And finally after many hours of labour and a lot of dedicated work from our workshop team the campervan emerged!

And this is not the first bespoke campervan we’ve converted for our customers. Here’s a few more we’ve done recently!

We even made a video tour!

If you’re looking for something special, unique and custom built just for you; why not get in touch with us on 01403 336 369 and arrange a date and time to come and visit us, or head on over to our website at and sign up to receive a free copy of ‘The Essential Campervan Buyer’s Guide’ and find out more about what we can do for you.

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