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April 16th
Hello! I wanted to try and answer this question, for those who don’t “get it” yet. Here’s my video… Let me know what you think! Speak soon   Daniel
August 9th
So we did this little video to try and help folk ‘get’ the whole campervan concept. Does it work? Let me know your thoughts!
July 17th
Of course, the van which many people associate with camping and campervans is the Volkswagen. Starting with the iconic VW splitscreen bus, or ‘splitty’, then its replacement, the so-called ‘bay’ or ‘bay-window’, followe…
June 9th
      What a lovely photo…just received this on an email from one of our customers. Very evocative shot of their campervan they picked up a few weeks ago, parked for a relaxing afternoon in the countryside
May 21st
…whoever said white wasn’t cool….! Here’s some quick shots of a Manhattan MPV campervan we sold recently to John and his wife. Eyecatching – they fell in love with the clean lines and shiny bits! I love it too  
April 3rd
Now most days when people come to visit us and they are looking to buy a campervan, they look for the right number of beds and we can show them all our options from sleeps two to sleeps four or even five in our campervans; they look for space and we …
February 18th
Campervans have got to be the best way to get around and see as much as possible of a country without having to spend hours and hours travelling backwards and forwards from a ‘home’ base. The main reason for that being that your base travels w…
February 8th
We are pleased to announce the release after many hours of development work of the Sussex Campervans CamperCar based on the stylish and comfortable Nissan NV200 van. This vehicle answers a need expressed by a significant group of our customers who ask us …
January 30th
Here’s a few photos of a campervan we delivered just the other day. These customers wanted a totally unique conversion for their own holiday home on wheels. So we designed, and worked out the angles, measured the floors and built the campervan just …
January 15th
A customer came to us recently looking for a basic conversion of a van which she wanted to use primarily as a base for going rock climbing in Wales. Here’s a few photos of what we did to a standard Vauxhall Vivaro to turn it into a small, but comfor…