The Lopez Family enjoying one of our Campervans

Our Story

I’m one of those people who said “I’ll never go camping”.

The thought of life under canvas just didn’t appeal to me – I enjoy my home comforts too much. Then one year, after much persuasion, my wife convinced me to try a trailer tent for a week away.

Despite it taking half a day to put up and take down, I actually rather enjoyed the camping experience  and was keen to try it again… but in something a little more refined. Next we tried a folding caravan, followed by a big German caravan. These both provided us with some great family holidays but also came with their own problems, and the hassle of having to tow them around made our holidays more stressful than we would have liked.


It was at this stage we realised: what we really needed was... a campervan.

A campervan would allow us to go away at the drop of  a  hat  without  sacrificing  our  home  comforts,  and better yet, we could both drive it easily because there is no towing involved. After lots of research I found that we could either buy a brand new campervan which had all of the features that we needed but came with a hefty price tag, or we could choose a used camper that cost considerably less, but had been eaten and slept in by other people and had used gas, electricity and plumbing installations.

In the years that followed we owned two used campers and both came with a myriad of problems: broken appliances, water leaks, worn fixtures, dirty upholstery, break downs. You name it, it went wrong. My background is in engineering and the technical trades so one after the other, I went about making the repairs myself. While I was doing this I noticed design flaws which I could easily improve upon - and so we began designing and building our own campervans.  

It wasn’t long until I set up Sussex Campervans. Now, I have a team of technicians who work all year round hand crafting campervans that are packed with the latest technology and come with a warranty.