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Who We Are - Sussex Campervans

The Most Bespoke Campervan Builder in the UK

Dear Friend,

It's easy to buy an off-the-peg product - there are lots of sales dealers and big companies selling them.   They aren't all bad either.   For many folk, something standard is fine.

For those who appreciate traditional handmade craftsmanship, something locally made, the individual attention to detail - for those folk, the mass-produced won't do.   We find that our customers tend to be among those who value the unique, the relationship, the service which a family-run business such as Sussex Campervans can offer.

We delight to receive guests at our workshop facilities at Horsham, West Sussex. Come over one Saturday, and let us show you our products, and how we make them too.   You can spend as long as you like chatting and enquiring in our woodland setting just off the A24/A264 junction.

Our way of working isn't for everyone - and we're not big enough to churn out 100's of campervans each year.   However, if what you see here on our website resonates with you, perhaps we might be just the people you've been waiting to find.

Yours faithfully,

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Daniel Lopez

MD Sussex Campervans Ltd